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V60 Guide

  • by Tim Linley

Hiya guys! Here is your number 1 brewing guide for a V60!

Why brew with a V60?

The V60 is a pretty easy to use brewer that gives great results. Its allows for the most subtle notes of your coffee too shine through. The V60 is produced in Japan by Hario and gets its name from the angle of the cone.

Step 1 : Choose your coffee!

We would suggest going for a washed coffee with some super fruity flavours for this brewing method. However, it is your choice, pick what you like the sound of.

Step 2 : Weigh your coffee!

You're looking for 15g of coffee per cup you're making.

Step 3 : Grind!

For a V60 you're looking for a medium grind. "Can you grind it for me? I don't have grinder at home", of course we can! Just let us know when you're grabbing your bag of coffee and we'll sort it for you.

Step 4 : Boil your water!

Step 5 : Rinse your filter!

Put your V60 over your cup or carafe and pop a filter paper in your V60. Then pour your hot water over the filter ensuring you wet all of it. This will also warm your V60, when you've done this then you can discard this water. 

Step 6 : Put you coffee in!

Put your V60 onto a set of scales. Pop you coffee into the V60 and make a little well in the middle using your finger.

Step 7 : Bloom your coffee!

Get your phone out a start your timer, pour in 30g of hot water per cup in a circular motion and then give your V60 a swirl. Then wait for 45 seconds. 

Step 8 : Pour!

Now pour in 250g of water per cup in a circular motion. You're aiming for all the water to go in by the 2 minute mark, as the V60 gets full it's okay to stop and start your pour. 

Step 9 : Stir and swirl!

Give your coffee a gentle stir and swirl once all your water is in.

Step 10 : Wait!

Now wait for that water to draw down. Once all the water has gone your timer should read around 3 and half minutes and the coffee grounds on top should be flat.

Step 11: Drink!

It's ready! Take your V60 off your cup and now it's ready to drink. Enjoy!


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