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Cafetiére Guide

  • by Tim Linley

Why a cafetière?

Perhaps an underrated brewing method but the cafetière is super simple and a great choice if you're making coffee for a group of people.

Step 1 : Select your coffee!

Choose what you like. If you take milk have a look for something with chocolatey notes maybe or if you have it black maybe something lighter and fruity.

Step 2 : Weigh out your coffee!

Around 15g of coffee per 250g of water (about one cup). 

Step 3 : Grind!

You're after a medium grind for your cafetière. Don't have a grinder? Don't worry! We can grind your coffee for you, just let us know when you buy and we'll sort that for you. 

Step 4 : Boil your water!

Step 5 : Bloom your coffee!

Place your cafetière onto a set of scales. Once your water has boiled, pour in enough to cover the coffee and wait for 30 seconds. This allows the rest of your water to evenly extract the flavours of your coffee. 

Step 6 : Get pouring!

Pour in the rest of your water, 250g per cup you're making. 

Step 7 : Wait!

Wait for 4 minutes for the first brew.

Step 8 : Stir and scoop!

Now you'll probably see that a crust has formed over the top of your coffee. This is a good thing! Stir to break this crust. After this scoop the foam off the top with a spoon and discard.

Step 9 : Wait again!

Leave to brew for a further 6 minutes. I like to use this time to warm my cup with any left over hot water from the kettle. You can use this time however you'd like. Maybe go brag to the other people in your house that you're about to have a great coffee. 

Step 10 : Plunge!

Get the lid for your cafetière and plunge it to just below the surface. Not all the way down.

Step 11 : Pour!

It's ready! Get your cup and enjoy!


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