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Aeropress Guide

  • by Tim Linley

Hiya guys! Here is your number 1 guide of how to brew with your Aeropress!

Why brew with an Aeropress?

The Aeropress is a great choice if you're brewing one cup of coffee. Created in 2005 by Alan Adler who was driven to invent it as he found it difficult to brew a single cup at home as most home brewers are made to brew a pot. The other great thing about an Aeropress is that it's super speedy!

Step 1 : Choose your coffee!

The most important step, just pick what you like. We recommend something fruity and complex that your Aeropress would make the most of. But it's your personal preference.

Step 2 : Weigh your coffee!

You're looking for 18g of coffee.

Step 3 : Grind!

You're after a medium fine grind. But wait, I hear you say "I don't have a grinder", no problem, just let us know when you're in grabbing your coffee and we'll grind it for you.

Step 4 : Boil your water!

Step 5 : Coffee goes in!

Place your Aeropress onto a set of scales and pop your coffee into the Aeropress.

Step 6 : Get your filter!

Pop your paper filter into cap and rinse with boiling water.

Step 7 : Bloom your coffee!

Add 35g of water and wait for 40 seconds.

Step 8 : Stir!

After that 40 seconds stir your coffee.

Step 9 : Get pouring!

Fill your Aeropress to the top. 

Step 10 : Wait!

Leave to brew for 1 minute.

Step 11 : Stir again!

Stir your coffee again and then screw the cap onto the Aeropress.

Step 12 : Flip!

Now for the fun bit! Put your cup onto the top of your Aeropress and flip the whole thing over. Hold the cup and the top of the Aeropress so it all stays together. 

Step 13 : Press!

Now press down on your Aeropress until you hear a hiss.

Step 14 : Drink!

It's ready to go! Enjoy!


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