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As our special business continues to grow our team needs to grow too. We are a lot more than just a coffee shop. We use our passion for coffee and love for  people to make lasting and positive impact on the community we serve. 

We are always looking out for the right people to help us. 

We have a proven record of attracting and developing incredible people. Loving, valuing and appreciating our team members and celebrating who they are are, are at the core of our team ethos. We are committed to developing all our staff members in whatever position they hold.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions and would love to hear from you if you think you think you would be an asset to our team. 


Coffee on the Crescent is looking for an experienced hospitality manager to maintain the spirit and ethos of our special shop whilst maintaining and improving its business’ profitability and success.

You will of course have excellent customer service skills, and a love for coffee. This is a hands on role and you will need to balance your time between service and management. It is approximately a 50 per cent split between the two.

Barista experience is preferred but not essentail We already have a team of incredible baristas and we can teach you how to make speciality grade coffee in house.

Organisation, problem solving and proactivity are key to running this independent business. You will take full autonomy for the day to day running of the shop itself. You will have an ability to remain calm under pressure, make rational decisions and resolve staff, customer and supplier or any other issues quickly and efficiently.


  • Generates energy, initiative and flexibility between team members.
  • Recruitment, induction and retention - actively finding the best staff, motivating and developing them and ensuring they feel valued. 
  • Proactive in training and improving staff performance and prepared to step in should any problem arrise. 
  • Keeps all HR documentation up to date and makes improvement to training documents and procedures when necessary.
  • Staff management including payroll, rotas, holiday provision.
  • Check out the roles of the barista.


  • Understands business numbers (P&L/budgeting), and is able to communicate effectively with our accountant and owner.
  • Can prioritise tasks and has great time management and ensures all staff hours are utilised effectively.
  • Maintaining compliance on hygiene standards and certification
  • Sales development planning to include new customers, increased spend and repeat custom - Identifying key dates in the shops calendars in order to maximise sales. 
  • Proactively plans and ensures maintenance of the shop - layout, upkeep of equipment, 
  • Manages online presence on social media, including reviews on trip advisor and Google


  • Proactively, improves, innovates and develops systems in order to increase efficiency, profitability and customer service
  • Forward thinking based on short, medium and long term criteria and overall strategy to develop new income streams 
  • Source new products in line with business needs and profitability.
  • Consistently uses initiative and the skillsets of the team to improve all aspects of the business. 
  • Assesses risk for the cost, opportunity cost, before implementing change.  Ensuring all business opportunities are maximised.
  • Able to ensure correct stock level at all times, taking into account the seasonal nature of the business
  • Keeps all accounting documents up to date and organised
  • A full clean driving licence.

40 hours a week

25,000 Salary. (negotiable- if your experience and expertise demands it)


Become an integral part and the leading member of The Coffee On The Crescent community.

Profit share

£30 a month wellness budget towards your physical well being

Subscription to Headspace app for your mental well being.

Part of the Coffee On The Crescent Healthcare plan.

A lot of coffee.

 To apply send your CV and covering letter to



Are you passionate about coffee and genuine, meaningful customer service?

You are? You may well be exactly what we are looking for. Now is your chance:)

Coffee On The Crescent Baristas.

  • Share our passion for people as well as coffee
  • Are super reliable.
  • Have a positive attitude and a growth mindset.
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Embody the mission and core values of the shop (quality, inspirational, sustainable, community building, leaders in our field)
  • Enjoy and thrive working in a super fast, efficient work place.
  • Enjoy being challenged.
  • Enjoys working as part of a small, efficient, highly skilful team.
  • Are prepared to clean, prepare sandwiches, stock takes, problem solving.

Beneficial but not esseential

Experience dialling in.

Drivers licence

Photography/social media skills


You get to become an integral part of The Coffee On The Crescent community.

35 Hours a week £10.50 per hour + performance bonuses and your share of tips.

Profit share as soon as the team agree you are up to our standards.

£30 a month wellness budget towards your physical well being

Subscription to Headspace app for your mental well being.

Part of the Coffee On The Crescent Healthcare plan.

A lot of coffee:)

Part Time Barista

We don't usually employ part time staff because of the high standards we require of all staff members. It takes time and training to get you up to our standards. However we may make an exception for the right exceptional person. 

We'd need your help over weekends when we are busiest and also at short notice if and when someone calls in sick. If you are flexible and love people as well as well as coffee then we may have a role for you. 

£10.50 per hour 

Subscription to Headspace app for your mental wellbeing.

Email your  CV and covering letter to




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