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Tim's History of Coffee Bibliography



A Short History of Coffee. Gordon Kerr

Coffee: A Global History Jonathan Morris

Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and how it transformed The World. Mark Pendergeast

The World Atlas of Coffee: from beans to brewing-coffees explored explained and enjoyed. James HoffMann

Espresso Coffee: The Science of quality (2nd edition) Edited by Andrea Illy and Rinantonio Viani.

How to make the best coffee at home. James Hoffmann.


Black Coffee. PSS documentaries (available on you tube)

Britains forgotten slave owners

Union with David Olusoga



Max Havelaar

Podcast series

Coffee history: everything you wanted to know. History Extra Podcast

Coffee: In our time.

 A history of coffee (every episode) 

1: A five Gun Salute to the Origins of Coffee

2: Slavery, Suffering and Affordable Luxury

3: Coffee Catches Fire

4: A dark Bitter Powder

5: Desperately Seeking Sustainability

6: The Future of Coffee

Bonus: Decolonising Coffee History

Bonus: Coffee’s Ticking Time Bomb

Series 2


  1. It’s Just Coffee? How coffee houses changed the world
  2. A Lasting Stain: Haiti, Colonialism and Coffee
  3. Espresso Lungo: The slow road to Italy’s democratic espresso culture
  4. Just Friends? Americas’s love affair with coffee

Wider historical context podcasts


69: A Reckoning with Slavery

68: The Long Death of Slavery

67: Slavery’s Demise

66: Wilberforce and the Fight for Freedom

65: When the enslaved took on Napoleon

64: The black Spartacus 

57: Tacky’s Revolt: An Atlantic Slave War

56: Tacky’s Revolt: Causes of the Rebellion

55: Th eFall of the Royal African Company

54: Royal African Company: Slavery inc

48: Series 3: The History of Slavery

2: Company Rule in India

1: The East India Company



The rest is History

 The Américain Revolution (Part 1)

The Americain Civil war: The Causes

The French Revolution

The East India Company

The Boston Tea Party (part 2)

The triumph of George Washington (part4)

The birth of the United States (part 3)

The first abolutionist 

Costa Rica:Civil War

Americain Civil War: Gettysburg

American Civil War: Aftermath and legacy

Americain Civil War: Outbreak

Americain Civil war: The Causes

The Trail of Charles: Part 1

The Trial of Charles: Part 2

The Enlightenment

The East India Company

Cromwell and the Protectorate

The French Revolution

The Seven Years War

The echo of a Coffee House

The Lessons of history

Civil War

Elizabeth 1


Cafe Liberte: The role of the Coffehouse in the French Revolution,history%27s%20most%20important%20political%20movements.,from%20culture%20to%20consumer%20awareness,all%20the%20way%20to%20Mecca.

Check family ties to post abolition of slavery reparations below.


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