Liquorice & Mint

Liquorice & Mint

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We’ve teamed up with Hebden Teas in York to bring you the worlds best loose leaf teas.

We love this one. A Rich taste of herbal liquorice blend with refreshing mint. Mostly minty at first with a light liquorice mouth feel. Leave the leaves in longer if you are a liquorice fanatic.

Brew guide

1cup = 1tsp

100 degrees

Brew for 1-3 minutes depending on how strong you want the liquorice.





Aniseed, Liquorice Root, Star Anise, Strawberry Leaves, Flavour, Cornflower Petals, Mint


Note contains Liqorice root, in case of high blood pressure, consumption of this infusion should be limited to 2-3 cups a day.