Coffee On The Crescent Limited Edition Coffee #7 Zambia. Packaging shows Tim, Hayley, Rachael, Lucinda and Owen behind the counter.

COTC limited edition #7 Zambia

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We had to bring out a new coffee to celebrate winning Yorkshire's best coffee shop at Englands Business Awards now didn't we? We also wanted to celebrate our wonderful staff and what better way to get them front and centre where they belong:)

This is an absolute beauty. We were excited to try this Zambian coffee because even though we spend our days sampling great coffees from around the world we'd never even tried a coffee from Zambia. (we assume you haven't either)

We were not disappointed this is a beauty. It's great on espresso (we're currently serving it as our house espresso in shop) But its also fantastic on filter with tasting notes of dark caramel, lemon and black tea.